The ______ Made Me Do It

If there is anything that Americans in the 21st century have become really good at doing, it’s shifting the blame for their actions to someone or something else. Today we are more likely to look into how our parents raised us than we are to accept responsibility for simple matters of right and wrong.

Is psychology to blame? The media? The company we keep? Perhaps our famous court cases have laid the groundwork for this way of thinking. Remember the Twinkie Defense?

Even Christians get in on the act of misdirecting blame. When we sin, we are quick to say, “The devil made me do it.” Or, we tell ourselves that the enemy must have been whispering temptations in our ear. And of course, who can argue with that? After all, the Bible tells us that Satan is the author of all sin.

But Tommy Moseley, Outreach Pastor at the Rock, shares a different perspective in his video blog post. He wants us to think long and hard before we blame the devil for what could be our own weakness.

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  1. @marcmillan says:

    The blame game has been going on since, Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent…amazing.

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