The New (and BETTER!) Commandment

Posted MARCH 31, 2013 by of Rock Creative
The Jewish leaders were continually trying to trap Jesus in what he said so they could condemn him publicly. On one occasion, they came up with a scheme to make him choose between the hundreds of commandments from the law. … Read the rest

Divine Nature

Posted MARCH 27, 2013 by of Rock Creative
I was born with a sinful nature, a natural state of sin trapped in this mind, body and soul. We all were, thankfully the Blood of Jesus delivered me from this eternally and by God’s transforming power I get to… Read the rest

You are NOT Alone

Posted MARCH 19, 2013 by of Rock Creative
Today I was informed that a friend, who’s daughter only 4 years old, passed away after a long battle with Cancer. How do we respond to this as humans? How else but to simply cry with those who cry. Pray,… Read the rest

God’s Scandalous Grace

Posted MARCH 9, 2013 by of Rock Creative
(The following is taken from a sermon I heard last year from New Testament scholar Preston Sprinkle. It impacted me deeply, so I hope this rewritten version impacts you as well. You can also hear his sermon here.) Unmerited favor.… Read the rest

How to Deal with Destructive Conflict

Posted MARCH 6, 2013 by of Rock Creative
There are three “Basic” steps based on Matthew 18:15-17, we should take when dealing with destructive conflict: Speak up “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you” (Matt. 18:15). “God… Read the rest

Be Strong and Very Courageous…in God’s Word!

Posted MARCH 6, 2013 by of Rock Creative
This is a passage from today’s Bible reading through the Rock Church. “Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from… Read the rest

Does Character Really Matter?

Posted MARCH 5, 2013 by of Rock Creative
It seems that every couple of months another leader or celebrity athlete is disavowed because of a lack of character.  When the recent scandal with Lance Armstrong began, I didn’t believe it because he seemed like such a “good guy”… Read the rest


Posted FEBRUARY 28, 2013 by of Rock Creative
As we continue to read the Bible together as a church and community, a passage comes to mind that really makes something very clear but rarely understood. What is the Bible all about? The Bible for many believers is about… Read the rest

Find Your True Love

Posted FEBRUARY 24, 2013 by of Rock Creative
In the aftermath of Valentines week, a time when those that are single are reminded of how painfully single they are—which can be more that a little depressing. I thought it appropriate to share some thoughts about true love, especially… Read the rest
Chinese Bamboo Trees

Bamboo Trees and the Art of Perserverance

Posted FEBRUARY 12, 2013 by of Rock Creative
In the Far East the Asian people plant a tree known as the Chinese Bamboo. During the first four years they water and fertilize the plant despite seeing little or no results. Then during the fifth year, they again water… Read the rest


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