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Welcome to the Monster Ball

Posted AUGUST 2, 2012 by of Rock Creative
Ironically, some folks who believe tolerance is the highest good can be pretty intolerant when it comes to people who disagree with them — even going so far as to call Christians bigots. However, Christians can be intolerant too. Sometimes… Read the rest

Are You Zipping through the Year?

Posted JUNE 26, 2012 by of Rock Creative
Back in the first week of January, I posted a suggestion to pick a Zip Code near where you live, and commit to praying regularly for it. Remember? I wrote, This is a simple tool, and one you can use,… Read the rest

Recognizing Sacrifice

Posted MAY 29, 2012 by of Rock Creative
San Diego’s a military town, and I love that our church, the Rock, reaches out to members of the Armed Forces and their families regardless of whether they attend or not. That’s what we did this week in honor… Read the rest

Church Is Not a Social Club

Posted MAY 22, 2012 by of Rock Creative
“They are constantly moving their people outside of their walls. Too many churches are just social clubs.”

All That Matters

Posted MAY 14, 2012 by of Rock Creative
Faith, family and friends. That’s all that really matters. One of the messages I shared a lot this last week, after the shock of Junior Seau’s death, is this. Reach out. Simple, but essential. Extend a hand of love to… Read the rest

Celebration of Life for Junior Seau

Posted MAY 11, 2012 by of Rock Creative
Fans attending the Celebration of Life for Junior Seau Friday night, May 11 will hear an all-star lineup share stories and memories of the San Diego sports and community icon. I received an invitation and I’d like you all to attend. The… Read the rest

God Is Not Fair

Posted MAY 10, 2012 by of Rock Creative
So you don’t want God to be fair. Not for a second. You want Him to be merciful.

Larger than Life

Posted MAY 7, 2012 by of Rock Creative
San Diego County and all of pro sports suffered a terrible blow last week when we heard that Junior Seau had killed himself. Even though his fame and fortune made my friend Junior appear larger than life, death is a… Read the rest

Good Communications & Hot Relationships

Posted MAY 2, 2012 by of Rock Creative
Ever been having a conversation with a friend, laughing, and then another guy walks up? Zip! You shut off all the joking. “Oh hi. How you doing?” Then Friend #1 says “Later” and walks off, leaving you to standing there… Read the rest

When the Race Gets Hard

Posted APRIL 17, 2012 by of Rock Creative
No matter how hard the run got, I vowed to never give up.


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