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Knitting Together Your Vision

Posted MARCH 27, 2012 by xmlrpcuser of Rock Blogs
…came face to face with a big tattooed, hat-on-backwards, goatee-wearing man with a backpack and cut-off shorts. He looked edgy and nervous.

How God Blesses You Is Up to Him

Posted JANUARY 17, 2012 by xmlrpcuser of Rock Blogs
Here’s a question for you. Where do you store your treasure? Listen to what Jesus says. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal;but lay up… Read the rest

Good Old St. Mammon

Posted DECEMBER 27, 2011 by xmlrpcuser of Rock Blogs
So did jolly old St. Mammon visit you this Christmas? Who’s that? Maybe you know the biblical character by different names: Greed. Lust for material things. Love of money… Now do you recognize him? Hey, I’m not a scrooge that… Read the rest

A True Christmas Message

Posted DECEMBER 20, 2011 by xmlrpcuser of Rock Blogs
During the holidays it may seem like everyone but you is celebrating blessings and abundance without a care in the world. Fun, food and football … for others — not for you.

The Joy of Volunteering

Posted DECEMBER 13, 2011 by xmlrpcuser of Rock Blogs
Fourteen years ago my staff and I started Toys for Joy here in San Diego. The goal wasn’t just to give out toys to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have any for Christmas. We wanted to help our neighbors see Christ in action.