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Welcome to the Monster Ball

Posted AUGUST 2, 2012 by of Rock Creative
Ironically, some folks who believe tolerance is the highest good can be pretty intolerant when it comes to people who disagree with them — even going so far as to call Christians bigots. However, Christians can be intolerant too. Sometimes… Read the rest
US Capitol

Politically Aware, Not Politically Correct

Posted JULY 31, 2012 by of Rock Creative
It’s the start of that season. And unfortunately, I’m not talking football. Three more months until national elections. Meanwhile, get ready for TV ads funded by Super PACs and political pundits popping veins as they discuss the issues. All joking… Read the rest

When the Race Gets Hard

Posted APRIL 17, 2012 by of Rock Creative
No matter how hard the run got, I vowed to never give up.

Is There a Christian Inside You?

Posted MARCH 6, 2012 by of Rock Creative
Have you ever noticed that when you cut open an apple you find an apple inside? You will never cut open an apple and find an orange inside, right? What happens if you “cut open” a Christian? Is there a… Read the rest