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The 5 “P’s” that will be Essential in Your Life

Posted MARCH 6, 2014 by Lisa Thrift-Blatnica of Life Groups
What comes to mind when you think of the letter “P”? Some may automatically think Pepsi, Paul, Pastor, Pretty, or Pastries. Lets look at this simple letter, and see what an impact it can have on your life today. The… Read the rest

Get in the Game with Your Spiritual Gift!

Posted FEBRUARY 9, 2014 by Dave Stewart of Pastor's Blog
Every believer in Jesus has a spiritual gift, given by the Holy Spirit to be used in God’s kingdom-building enterprise (see my last post here…). In another encouragement from Paul to Timothy regarding his spiritual gift, Paul writes, “For this… Read the rest

Live in the Holy Spirit’s Power Every Day!

Posted FEBRUARY 9, 2014 by Dave Stewart of Life Groups
The number one hindrance to the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives is sin! Sin short-circuits his working in and through us, which causes us to be ineffective in the use of our spiritual gifts in his body.  When we… Read the rest

Fan or Disciple?

Posted JANUARY 28, 2014 by of
Today every person “follows” other people, ideas, activities and organizations. Many people in Southern California are followers of the San Diego Chargers. If the team wins the followers or fans are happy for a brief period of time. If the… Read the rest

Unwrap Your Gift!

Posted JANUARY 24, 2014 by Dave Stewart of Pastor's Blog
Paul challenges his son in the faith, Timothy, to engage and use his spiritual gift: “Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you.” (1 Timothy… Read the rest
Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness Aerobics for the Mind and Spirit

Posted JANUARY 22, 2014 by Lisa Thrift-Blatnica of Life Groups
  Physical Fitness Aerobics for the Mind & Spirit As we start a new year, many of us have New Years resolutions and goals we want to achieve. Many of us have vowed to work on the physical fitness aspect… Read the rest

Top Outreach Categories for Life Groups

Posted JANUARY 10, 2014 by of
LIFE Groups bring Pervasive Hope to San Diego when they Count, Walk, Ask, and Love in their neighborhood! Take a look at the following list of ways to connect with your community and make a difference in the name of… Read the rest

In All Things Charity

Posted NOVEMBER 23, 2013 by Mickey Stonier of Pastor's Blog
These things you have done, and I kept silent; you thought that I was altogether like you; but I will rebuke you…” (Psalm 50:21-22) This is one of those verses that can be tucked away in your heart for… Read the rest

How to Hook Your Holy Hottie

Posted NOVEMBER 9, 2013 by of
Seriously, who doesn’t want to hook their holy hottie? Luckily some of us already have (yep I’m talking about myself) but for those of you who haven’t there is still hope! The three steps to hooking your hottie aren’t complicated… Read the rest

Signs and Wonders Part 2

Posted NOVEMBER 1, 2013 by Mickey Stonier of Pastor's Blog
Are there not false and deceptive miracles and spirits?    The Bible gives many examples of false and deceptive miracles and spirits that occur to draw people away from the one true God (Ex. 7:11, 22; 8:7; Matt. 7:23; Acts… Read the rest